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For 30 years Flight Choice, formerly Charterline have gathered, updated and supplied Leisure Flight information for British Airports and Travel Agents.
This data is used by them in house and for inclusion on their websites and Airport Retail Outlets. Flight Choice is the only Company providing this service for which we invoice our Clients. Flight Choice is not a competitor to any agency and seeks only information regarding leisure flights and to identifying the individual Operators within the flight.

How would becoming a client benefit you?

Find out which Tour Operator flies to/from which Airports and when they fly, quickly, easily - without any fuss!
No need to enter passenger details and we have the smaller Tour Operators listed.

Our leisure flight data base provides comprehensive information to our clients which can be configured in any form dependant on requirements.

Are your flights missing?

If you need to tell us about any new leisure flight your company is involved with, or if your flight times have changed then you could fill in our form or forward the data in any format that is most convenient to yourselves e.g. existing lists can just be transferred.


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FlightChoice is compiled by DFC Publishing with up-to-date information supplied by operators who have allocations on charter flights.